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Rental Rates for the Bay Terrace Theater

The Mira Theatre Guild has a tiered rental policy designed to make access to the facility affordable.

Tier One
The Tier-One category is extended to renters including members of the Guild and the local community not intending to make a profit by their events (not necessarily limited to individuals). This might include birthday parties, meetings of local organizations, community-service lectures, etc. A flat fee of $25 to cover the basic costs of opening the building is charged in this instance.

Tier Two
The Tier-Two category encompasses renters hosting one-off or recurring events intended to generate a profit. This might include concerts, plays, film screenings and fundraising activities. Rental fees for tier two events vary depending upon the scope of requirements:

  • Main Auditorium/Stage: $300 per day*
  • North Wing Rooms (the Better Vallejo Room, the Joan Burt Room, the Dollie Nunn Room): $100 per day*

*Reduced rates for longer-term/recurring rentals are available.

Additionally, renters may choose to pay for the services of a lighting/sound technician in support of an event at $50 an hour.

As part of any rental agreement and contract, a member of the MTG Board will walk through the theater with a representative of the renting group prior to the event, using our checklist to document the condition of the building (or specific rooms). This document will be used again after the event to ensure the building is returned in the same condition in which it was handed over. Return of security deposits will be contingent upon a successful completion of this walk-through.

For all events a security deposit of $300 (held in escrow) is required (fully refundable after satisfactory completion of the wrap-up walk-through of the building).

If you have an idea for a production or other event at the Bay Terrace Theater, we'd love to hear about it! Simply fill out the Event Proposal Form and email it to us at

Download a printable version of our Rental Rates.